Designed to help you be the best husband and wife!

You will learn techniques that couples who been married for decades with envy!

Solving conflicts will become a breeze!

Premarital counselling is cheaper than the wedding cake!

Premarital Counselling & Marriage Prep Program

Getting married?  Congratulations!  And a bigger congrats on choosing to take a premarital counselling program!

Already married?  This program will help you build an enriched life together.  

The program begins with a relationship assessment, which will reveal your strengths and weaknesses of the relationship.

6 Week Program For All Couples...

Many couples are various stages in their relationship greatly benefits from this premarital counselling program.  Whether you are in a serious dating relationship, recently engaged or newly married, this program is designed to prepare yourself and your relationship for an enriched, happy and fulfilling life together with your partner.  

This 6 week program is flexible enough that if we need to do it quicker, we can!  Or, likewise if we need to spread it out over a longer period, we can!

This program is unique.  As a Prepare-Enrich certified facilitator, I use that program for the couples assessment.  From there we will utilize Gottman Methods, Relational Life Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

The Prepare-Enrich assessment has been used by millions of couples

The entire program which consists of the Prepare-Enrich assessment, personalized copies of the assessment, activity handbook and 6 customized counselling sessions is only $850 plus HST.  

The Program

​​- Week 1   Assessment Review

A detailed look at the results of the assessment, the strengths and weaknesses, identifying areas that need the most attention.

-Week 2   I Love, You Love

A look at how each of you feel and recognize love naturally.  I can't tell you how many couples, even after years of marriage, don't feel loved by their partner. We will spend a lot of time on this one!

-Week 3   I am...because...

An interactive session that involves questions to learn about each others past.  This session is often a little more relaxed, at times comical.   We will talk about your favourite salad dressing, and how that has influenced your life!  Really!

-Week 4   Those Darn Horsemen!

This may be the most important session.  We will look at great detail what those horsemen do, and how we can predict the likelihood of divorce just on this!  But don't worry, there are antidotes to these 4 Horsemen!

-Week 5   It's My Turn!

In troubled marriages this is the area that I find is common, where partners are feeling dismissed, unheard and lonely.  We will do role-playing in this session to reinforce the need to emotionally lean in and connect.  This is a marriage saver!

-Week 6   He Said, She Said...

This is the final week of the program.  This is where we take everything we just learned in the past 5 weeks, and put it altogether to resolve current conflicts.  Don't have any conflicts?  You likely will by the time you get to this point!  You will likely find the resolving conflicts is much easier now then before.

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