"Our relationship is crazy.  I mean, when things are good they are great. But when they are bad, it just totally sucks.  He just doesn't get me. We barely talk and when we do it always turns into an argument.  We fight over the smallest things!  He doesn't listen to me.  He tries to tell me how I should be feeling.  That's not right!  I feel judged. I feel like we are bad examples to our young kids.  It wasn't like this before.  I don't think he even likes me anymore!  I am so tired.  I am done with all this!"

Helping couples stay together and be happy!

6 ways I can help you:

My name is Paul, owner of Your Inner Soulutions, serving Hamilton, Burlington, Stoney Creek, and Niagara.  Welcome! 


I love working with couples who want to stay together, or at least be willing to give it one more try.  My counselling style is for couples who are ready to put the effort in, leave the excuses at the door, enough with the blaming, and be willing to dive in and try something new.  It is for couples who might have started off happy and blissful, but are now in such a horrible rut that every single day goes by and you just think to yourself "this freak'in sucks!".  It is for couples who may not believe in divorce.  It is for couples who are madly in love but have recently hit a road block of some kind.  It can also be for couples who care about one another, but just isn't feeling it anymore.  Maybe too much resentment or hurt.

I have worked with hundreds of couples just like you!  And through hard work, consistency and hope, many of those couples have become their partners best friend. An enriched relationship.  A new, inspiring relationship!  

Rated Top 3 In Hamilton...

September 23, 2019

I am honored to be rated top 3 in Hamilton for Marriage Counselling!  Using techniques from Relational Life Therapy, Gottman Method, CBT and Solution Focused Therapy, couples are experiencing great successes in therapy!

Transform Your Relationship In 60 Minutes...

December 9, 2019

I am holding a one hour workshop that can totally transform your relationship!  It's the Love Languages Workshop, based on the work of Gary Chapman.  Learning your love language is absolutely a must in order to feel fully loved.  You will learn which of the 5 love languages is you, and more importantly, your partners.  Click here for more information and to reserve your spot!

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